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Prakriti's Way Teacher Training

A unique approach to the path of yoga, healing, and transformation on every level. 

This is not only a journey to deepening your own personal yoga practice and your spiritual path, but also to increase rapport with Nature and to see that we are one with Her. It has been said that the physical body is on loan from the Earth as a home for our spirit.  The Sanskrit word Prakriti is both a term for Mother Nature and the specific distribution of elements that make up your constitution or Dosha to fulfill your true purpose this life or Dharma. That is the mission statement of this training and what we are in dedication to. 

We draw wisdom from traditional indigenous cultures around the world. We incorporate ancient and modern systems of healing to purify on all levels so that we can be more efficient channels of our unique gifts. 

At the end of this one-year immersion, you will walk away with knowing how to teach a basic class of yoga. You will teach from a place that is authentic because of the time and depth of the work you put in over the year.  Even if you don't actually want to become a teacher, this training is a profound way to deepen your practice. It is suggested at the 200hr level to do this first for your self so that you embody and live your practice fully so that you share teachings from a place within that is experiential. 

Those who feel called to step into this role and who willing to live and commit to their practice, we invite you to join us on this journey and become part of our community of teachers, spiritual warriors, healers and protector of our beautiful planet Earth! 

Feb 28 - March 1

March 20 -22

April 17-18

May 15-16

June 5 -7

July 31 - Aug 2

Sept 11-13

Oct 23 -25

Nov 20-22

Dec 4-6

Classes are 6:30-9:30pm Friday

                     9:00-7:00pm Saturday

                     9:00-4:00pm Sunday


If you have further questions or would like more information, contact Lisa below.